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Why Your Brand Needs To Follow Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle Model

Building a solid brand is never an easy task. It takes years of practice and sustained efforts to create a strong persona that resonates with your audience. Any advertising agency in Sydney can help you build your brand, but as a marketer you need to first have an understanding of what goes into building a good brand. Recently, Simon Sinek changed the game by introducing his concept of the Golden Circle of branding. Sinek himself is a former advertising executive and renowned author who is fast gaining traction around the globe. His Golden Circle theory has proved to be a solid eye-opener for many marketers and hopefully it might help you too.

Sinek explains his theory by giving the example of a very powerful brand – Apple. He states that most brands focus on talking about the “What” of their brand, followed by talking about the “How”. Very few brands take things a step further and address the “Why” of the brand. What he means by this is that very few brands try to communicate about why they exist in the first place, in other words – the bigger picture. Apple on the other hand, has inverted this entire process. This massive brand primarily addresses the bigger picture and only later delves into what it that they exactly do is. One only has to take a look at any Apple advertising campaign to realize how true this is. This particular theory has prompted thousands of marketers to re-think their branding strategies and you should definitely keep this in mind while looking for creative agencies. Sydney in particular has a number of different agencies that specialize in branding and will be able to support the Golden Circle theory.

Creating your own brand’s Golden Circle of the “Why”, “How” and “What” aspects is a process which will take time and sustained efforts. But once you have it in place you will definitely feel a newfound sense of confidence in your branded communication.


Signs Your Brand Might Need a Better SEO Strategy

Brands put in a lot of time and effort towards building a strong online presence. The journey begins with the creation of a solid website that provides your customers with a repository of content about your brand. You then have the amplification of your ideas across digital mediums through dedicated branded content, all with the purpose of keeping your brand at the very top of your audience’s consideration. Sadly, one very important point many marketers tend to overlook is the role of SEO in a marketing plan.

Here are a few key pointers to help you figure if your brand might be lagging behind in its SEO game –

  • First, we shall assume you are already on board with a good digital marketing agency, Sydney has some of the best agencies to offer in Australia. While your agency may be optimizing your website according to SEO guidelines, you might feel that you are not quite receiving the kind of traction you hoped for. This is a clear indication that you will need to get your website analyzed by a SEO specialist. The problem is that Google and other search platforms constantly keep changing their algorithms which mean that your SEO strategy will have to be just as nimble. On the other hand, there could be major technical issues like excess usage of keywords, which could be impacting your website’s performance.
  • Let’s move on to off-page SEO efforts. Brands populate the internet with a significant amount of content that redirect to their website. There is a strong tendency to overdo content creation or to do it badly when you do not have the required expertise. If you find your content isn’t performing the way it should, it could be another sign that things are not working with your current search engine optimization efforts. Brands tend to often overlook the quality of the content and end up prioritizing quantity instead. With Google’s bots getting smarter each day, it’s important to remember that poor content can no longer work as keyword fodder. You need to provide your audiences with real value while achieving your SEO goals at the same time.

If you feel it’s time to employ additional SEO services, Sydney might be a great place to start your search. A number of digital agencies are innovating with SEO efforts and have a clear understanding of best practices in the SEO space.

Different Ways Your Brand can Stand Out in a Digital Space

One cannot deny the infinite potential of digital advertising. Every new year seems to not only throw up better ways of taking your message to the Internet audience but also throws out entirely new social media channels through which you can reach them. However, massive as the scope may be, audiences too have evolved to the point where they consume a lot. Which means that any person, anywhere in the world is constantly being fed a tremendous amount of content on a daily basis? Building a brand that truly stands out in the midst of this chaos can seem nigh impossible and yet that is the task of a good digital marketing agency, Sydney being the hub of such efforts.

In order to truly stand out in the digital space, it’s important to first understand your audience. What are their needs and dislikes? When do they buy your product and how do they buy it? All these insights will help you create what is known as contextual advertising. What this does is help your brand communicate with consumers when their buying intent is at its highest point. If your brand can be the one to break through the clutter and talk to me at the right moment, it will make all the difference in the world. Sheer innovation, of course, is the name of the game when it comes to truly distinguishing your brand online. A typical social media user consumes tons of branded content every day without batting an eyelid. Compounding the problem further is the fact that your audience also consumes a lot of non-branded content that may be much better received than your content. In such a scenario, making somebody truly take notice will need a dedicated marketing team and an agency that comes with strong digital marketing services, Sydney once again leading the race. More and more brands have started playing around with the basic UI of these social media sites themselves in order to stand out. One excellent example of this would be the six second YouTube ads that play with a fake skip button. Again this is something that can be provided by any good digital marketing agency. Sydney has been showing a preference for native marketing in recent years. Native marketing is basically just another way you can push your branded content in a palatable manner. It involves crafting your messaging in such a way that it looks like a natural piece of content on the platform and looks nothing like an ad at all. An excellent example of this practice would be thought-leadership blogs one sees so often on LinkedIn.

Recruiting a good SEO agency in Sydney should be your first step followed by finding a good digital marketing agency, Sydney again offering the best options for this. Next, chalk out a strong long-term roadmap for your brand in the social space and discuss how you can truly stand out. If you are flexible with your brand personality, the agency may encourage you to adopt a more distinctive persona and would be able to suggest better options to you as well. The goal is to create a truly distinct identity and this can only happen if you and your agency are on the same page.

Why you Might Need to Rethink your Facebook Strategy in 2018

Think of social media and the first word that comes to mind is Facebook. While it may not have been the first social media site on the planet, it was definitely amongst the first places for brands to properly establish their presence. For years brands and marketers have depended on Facebook to reach their audiences through static posts, memes, GIFs, and videos. However, as any good digital agency will tell you, Facebook has undergone a massive change in recent years, both in terms of audience and content consumption. Let’s dig a bit further into this.

With the advent of Instagram and later Snapchat, a large part of the audience on Facebook started migrating towards these newer platforms. On the other hand, as social media gained prominence, more and more people from the pre-internet era embraced the magic of good old Facebook itself. As a result, more and more brands have started modifying their content strategy accordingly. Younger audiences are targeted more on Instagram while the older crowd can be better reached through Facebook. But that’s just the audience bit. The nature of content itself has changed a lot on Facebook. Gone are the days of simple static posts. With the introduction of elements like cinemographs and UI innovations, more and more brands are trying to stand out with richer media forms. Facebook Live has added another strong element in the mix, creating the need to connect with your audience in real time. Facebook has also adopted Instagram’s stories feature which means ephemeral branded content too has found a new home.

If you are looking for a solid social media agency, Sydney has a lot of options to offer. But make sure you ask them how they can revitalize your Facebook content for you. Be it in terms of basic targeting or overall content strategies, you’ll need an agile agency that fully understands all the innovations of this platform.


Digital marketing is no longer an after-thought for brands when it comes to deciding the marketing mix. It is becoming more and more relevant with each passing day to the extent where it has become the main consideration for a number of brands. A good marketing agency in Sydney maintains that specially when it comes to startups, digital marketing provides the only feasible route.

Consider this, startups have massive aspirations but limited budgets. On the other hand, their target audience is also extremely well defined. In such a scenario, only digital marketing can help you ensure your media spends don’t get wasted on unnecessary eyeballs. Micro-targeting your audience helps startups in not only saving up on spends but also conducting A-B testing to determine the right media strategy.

On the other hand, startups tend to offer tech-enabled or at least forward-thinking products and services. And as any good digital marketing agency in Sydney will tell you, the best way to reach such an audience is in the digital space. A good social media agency will add a massive boost to your creative strategy as well. Startups need all the attention they can get and all solid roadblock activities in advertising these days are carried out in the digital space.

So, if you are a startup looking to initiate its marketing efforts, you should definitely look at adopting a digital-first strategy. The best way to go about this would be to approach a few digital marketing places and get them to audit your brand. Following this, they will come back and tell you what exactly they can do for your brand and what kind of value they will provide. These insights will prove extremely valuable when it comes to taking the step of entering the digital sphere.




birthed it, Instagram nurtured it and the world has adopted it with open, gleeful arms – simply put, ephemeral content is here to stay. Ephemeral content is nothing but short-lived content which is only available for a short period of time. And one only must look at the success of Snap chat and Instagram stories to understand how this proved to be a game changer for the way brands approach content creation online. Let’s delve a bit deeper into this amazing phenomenon that has swept the globe.

The biggest attraction lies in the urgency of the content. Users tend to obsessively check their Snap chat and Instagram stories out of a fear of missing out on some important update from their friends or brands. It is a never-ending cycle of gratification and anxiety that keeps people hooked. On the other hand, since it is ephemeral in nature, it also happens to be simple and easy to create. As a result, there is a lot more content out there being churned out on a very regular basis. As any creative agency in Sydney will tell you, this provides immeasurable opportunities for brands to constantly engage with their audience.

Be it in the form of polls, contests or quick updates, many brands have managed to make ephemeral content a part of their daily marketing mix. Whenever any brand or creative digital agency in Sydney comes up with a new campaign, they usually make sure they create a lot of ephemeral content to support their main marketing push. This content can take the form of fun static updates or quick videos, whatever the case may be, they manage to keep the conversation going between the brand and the audience on social media.

Snap chat is particularly self-aware of its importance to brands. Which is why filters have become such an important marketing tool. A number of brands leverage Snapchat’s filter option to give users a unique experience.

Ephemeral content empowers users in a way no other social media tool can ever achieve. While Facebook introduces you directly to a feed and nudges you towards consuming content, Snap chat and Instagram push you towards creating ephemeral content. They want you to constantly present yourself to the world and reach out to make real connections. They further incentivise this by offering you a number of different tools like stickers, animations, filters etc. to get as creative as you can.

Here’s an important point about ephemeral content that many a creative agency in Sydney might overlook – it provides room for experimentation. You can do everything from product launches to user testimonials to simple day to day communication without the fear of long-term repercussions since the content is going to disappear soon anyway. This does not mean you go crazy with your content, but it does provide plenty of room for trial and error, helping you to figure out what kind of content resonates with your audience and what doesn’t.



Challenges of Creating Impactful Thought-Leadership Content

Many brands approach agencies and demand thought-leadership content. They all want to stand out in their field as pioneers of innovation and captains of industry. And while a good creative agency in Sydney may be able to help you out in this respect, many brands end up biting more than they can chew with this sort of content. This is because creating true thought-leadership goes beyond just generating content about your relevant industry.

In the race to venture an opinion, many brands forget to actually come up with a unique insight. There are plenty of voices out there trying to talk about the same topic and your content will end up getting lost in the clutter. People respect Steve Jobs’ ideologies about management and leadership not because they sounded familiar but because they stood out, he only spoke when he had something to say.

Then you also have the vicious circle of credibility. The main reason why many brands choose thought-leadership content is so that they can establish authority in their field. However, you will be taken seriously only if you have some credibility and authority in the first place making this a rather vicious circle. In this case, it is a good idea to partner with other channels and media that come with their own established credibility.

The biggest challenge brands face is with the actual quality of the content they generate. So if you are looking for a good digital creative agency, Sydney offers a range of options. Pick one that you feel will be able to generate content that is of real value. It also becomes important to consider just how well your field is understood by the agency. A solid study of existing thought-leaders is also advisable.