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Tips for Working with a Digital Agency in Sydney

The relationship between a brand and agency is a tricky one, in one way they are partners and yet friction cannot always be avoided. As a result, it is essential to ensure a good work environment is maintained as you go about your work on a day to day basis. If you work with a creative digital agency in Sydney for instance, there are certain protocols they follow. So we’ve distilled things down to the point where we have some guidelines you can follow.

When working with a digital agency in Sydney, you need to first and foremost trust them when it comes to understanding the digital space. If you do not have this trust, maybe it is time for you to look for another agency. This is because the online space is so dynamic that you may not have complete control over all the interactions that happen between your brand and your audience on a day to day basis. In that case, your digital agency almost plays the role of a partner who manages your online persona and speaks confidently on your behalf. You are the one who needs to evoke that confidence. Furthermore, it is absolutely essential that you give a good brief. Many agency-client relationships break down because of a poor brief. Before you expect the agency to churn out any work, you need to be clear on what exactly you are trying to achieve. And this will reflect in the kind of brief you give out to the agency.

Most importantly, you will need to school the agency in your brand. In the mad cacophony of digital work, very often the essence of a brand can get lost. Hence, there is a strong need for you to ensure your digital agency has totally internalized your brand.

Ways in Which Digital Can Be Used As a Part of Your Marketing Mix

Until a few years ago, digital was considered to be something of an afterthought for marketing managers and brand managers. They believed in the power of the medium but failed to understand how it would add value to their brands. Plus, they did not have enough of an incentive to pull funds from their regular mainline media to invest in digital marketing. As a result, digital was relegated to a secondary status and it remained that way for quite some time. Many brands preferred to stay away from the medium altogether. In the past few years, however, ask any digital advertising agency in Sydney and they will tell you how the medium has proved itself. Countless case studies emerged backed by hard statistics to prove that digital in fact, more than makes up for the resources invested in it. Let’s dive deeper into how brands are using this medium in their marketing mix.

The most popular method in which digital is deployed is for incremental reach on mainline media. Assume that your creative agency in Sydney has crafted a killer campaign for your brand on mainline media. Once you’ve had that initial blast on TV, print, radio and outdoor, that’s when brands start looking at digital to provide them with incremental reach on that messaging they have sent out. However, there is so much more digital can offer your brand in this day and age. For instance, once you’ve had your initial blast, you can leverage digital to reach out to specific markets. You see, every person has a different reason why they choose a certain brand. When it comes to particularly complex products, this becomes a bigger issue where it’s possible that your messaging might get lost in the massive scheme of things that you need to communicate. In this case, precision marketing comes to the rescue. A good advertising agency in Sydney will first try and understand what are the different cohorts into which your target audience can be broken down into. This is usually done by identifying the problem is which the product solves. They will then create different buckets of content that particularly addresses these problems and talks about how the product solves those issues. Doing so however is not always easy since you first need to understand the behavior of your different audience cohorts.

Whatever the case may be, on thing is very clear – you can no longer ignore the role digital marketing plays when it comes to making noise about your brand. The sheer scope and nature of the medium is such that it can be creatively used to meet a range of different targets through a variety of methods. The best part about digital is that it allows you to work within constrains of a limited budget as well, making it an excellent avenue for startups and smaller brands. As we learn more and more about the medium in the years to come, brands too will have to step up and invest more in this medium. And 2019 is the right time to climb aboard the bandwagon if you haven’t already done so.

The Importance of a Good Creative Brief

It is said that the creative output of an agency will be only as good as the brief given by the client. While this might sound like an excuse from a lazy agency, the fact is that a good brief perfectly lays down the path to a great campaign. This is something many brands tend to underestimate and rely on the agency to do all their thinking for them. So if you are in a position where you regularly give out creative briefs to a digital agency, Sydney’s agencies will typically feed off your energy. Which is why you need to relook at the kind of briefs you send out and figure out how you can improve on them?

So here’s a quick outline on what makes a great brief. To put it simplistically, you should be able to outline your brief in just one line. What this means is that you need to first figure out exactly what you are hoping to achieve through your campaign. Very often briefs tend to get muddled up when they are trying to achieve too many things. This sort of an error usually occurs when people or brands invite agencies to pitch for them. At such times, briefs are deliberately kept vague to see what kind of work comes forth from the creative agency Sydney’s agencies will usually be more than happy to have a broad spectrum response in such cases but it will make your life difficult when you realize that the result is all over the place. Apart from brevity, your brief needs to set down clear guardrails for the agency to work with. While most agencies talk about thinking outside the box, the reality of advertising is that we need to think inside a certain box and that box should ideally come from you. Paradoxical as it might sound, once you have set the boundaries for your agency to ideate within, they can then enhance their creative output and give you something truly unique within those confines. However, hands down one of the biggest benefits of a good brief is that it saves everyone a lot of time. When a brief is clear, precise and accurate, it ensures that you can cut down on a lot of back and forth. Any great way to guarantee efficiency is to keep open channels of communication between you and your agency. As opposed to you not hearing from them at all until they come and present their ideas, it is advisable to keep interacting and partnering with them throughout the creative process so that you can identify red flags right at the outset.

At the end of the day, it will, all come down to the rapport you have with your creative agency Sydney’s agencies, and in fact any agency will work better if they feel you are approachable and open to discussions and arguments. Solid creative work is the result of collaborative efforts and that effort needs to start with you penning down a solid brief.

The Rise of Digital Advertising Agencies in Sydney

When it comes to creative agencies, Sydney has always been the undisputed capital of the country. However, the past decade has seen a marked shift in the entire advertising industry at a global level. Digital advertising finally seems to be coming of age as more and more brands are acknowledging the potential of the Internet as a medium. Penetration is at an all-time high and it became essential for Sydney too, to reflect this change. As a result, digital agencies began to crop up all over Sydney.

Initially, a typical digital agency in Sydney was looked at as something of an afterthought. The bigger brands were willing to allocate a fraction of their marketing budget to digital while some of the smaller players chose digital because it was all they could afford. In general, it played second fiddle to mainline media for quite some time and it’s only in the past five years that things have changed drastically. With social media platforms coming of age, people began to realize the impact of targeted communication. Players like Google and Facebook opened up unexplored avenues and suddenly brands had a bigger playfield to reach their audiences. What’s more, the success of influencers and their potential started becoming apparent and finally digital as a medium grew to the point where it was no longer possible to ignore. This is the point when many of the big mainline agencies started opening their own digital wings as well.

On the other hand, the existent small digital houses suddenly saw a boom in their business. More recently, brands have started to realize that mainline agencies still find it difficult to break into the digital mindset. They still tend to think and ideate from the perspective of mass media. The new digital agencies, however, seemed to have no such hangups and we’re better at attuning themselves to the digital space. As a result, many of the bigger mainline boys ha e started buying over these smaller places, thereby creating a win-win situation for all.

Here is How Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Advertising Efforts

Advertising has traditionally been a game of reach. People and brands have heavily invested in ads and ad campaigns that have a massive reach and disseminates the brand message on a mass level. However, this mass reach also contributes to mass wastage of resources. Most of the people who view your messaging may not even belong to your target group. What’s more, they might not never even have the opportunity to interact with your brand In such a scenario, there was a need for an advertising medium that could not only pigeonhole the reach but also create more actionable and measurable outcomes. That’s where digital marketing stepped in and changed the game forever. Ask any big digital marketing agency in Sydney and they will tell you the same thing, digital marketing is an absolute must in this day and age.

Let’s further break down this claim and understand what it means. When we say digital marketing can have different outcomes, what this means is that you can segregate your campaigns on the basis of what you hope to achieve through it. While some campaigns might mimic traditional media on digital and focus solely on reach and eyeballs, yet others might be more performance oriented. Thanks to the interactive nature of the medium, social media and digital ads can strongly call out an action and ask people to download an app, shop for a product or make a purchase directly. All of these actions are then measured by the back end giving you hard statistics as opposed to guesstimates. However, you will be able to achieve this sort of work only via a social media agency, Sydney in particular has a bunch of them. A good digital marketing agency in Sydney will be able to give you a good sense of how they can truly add value to your brand and marketing efforts. In addition to saving time and efforts, digital marketing can change the way people perceive your brand. For years, people have been attempting to build brands that are more human and truly resonate with people. The harsh reality is that no matter what sort of creative lens you add to your brand, ultimately people will get a sense of the corporation that is talking to them. The only true way to counteract this is through real conversations in the digital space. By its nature, social media will filter out campaigns that are too brand-focused and people tend to embrace brands that behave as an actual human. This can be done in a number of ways. A good example would be the Twitter handle of Wendy’s. Wendy’s not only indulges in active social listening but also jumps into conversations and makes people feel like they are truly heard. Another solid way to achieve this could be through influencer marketing and letting real life influencers turn into evangelists for your brand.

If you are still not convinced, you could always approach a social media agency (Sydney) and ask them to come up with a digital plan for you. They will take some time to perform a social media audit and gauge the audience sentiment surrounding your brand and category and will then get back to you with a consolidated plan that outlines how digital can truly make a difference to your brand.

All You Need to Know About Working for a Social Media Agency

If you are looking to pursue a career in a social media agency, Sydney is the place for you. This city has a range of different agencies to offer and all of them do some rather cutting-edge work. One could almost call Sydney the hub of all social media work in this day and age. However, working for a social media agency comes with its own challenges and perks which may not be immediately apparent to an outsider or a newbie. So here’s a bit of a lowdown on what goes on at these agencies.

Even the top marketing agency in Sydney tends to prioritize creativity. What this means for you as an employee is that you will truly have a creative playground to explore your wildest ideas and come up with new and innovative solutions and ideas. You are truly encouraged to think outside the box, but you need to understand that there is a box. The client’s pitch is something you need to adhere to and your seniors will usually set some guardrails for your thoughts so that you think in the right direction. What this means for you as an employee also is that you may usually have flexible work timings. On the flip side, this could also mean that working long hours and working on weekends is a strong possibility. When there is work there can be an overload of work to the point where you might feel over whelmed. The key is to stay a step ahead of the game and slowly learn to anticipate bottlenecks before they occur.

Working for a creative digital agency in Sydney can be a lot of fun. You will be working with some for the biggest names in the industry along with some of the biggest brands out there. And if you happen to work with a big enough agency, you will learn way more than what you ever did in school.

Services Provided by Sydney’s Top Digital Marketing Firms

Marketing in general is a very tricky game. And when it comes to digital marketing in particular, things tend to get even more complex. How? For starters, digital marketing works in a space that’s ever-evolving. What this means is that given the dynamic nature of trends on the Internet and the fickle technology of social media as well, the way you need to reach your audience in the digital space could change on a day to day basis. So let’s take a quick look at all the digital marketing services Sydney’s top agencies have to offer.

If you are on the lookout for a god digital marketing agency, Sydney’s top agencies offer a wide gamut of services. Up front and center, we have the all-important creative services. Now many brands labor under the misconception that when it comes to creative work, just about any creative agency can manage digital creatives as well. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The reason you have specialized digital creative agencies is because audiences think and function very differently in the digital space and normal agencies will not understand that. On the other hand, digital agencies will also offer you a range of media buying services. This could include, but is not limited to, SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC and Google AdWords campaigns. These agencies will undertake the end-to-end execution of your campaign including media spends and other considerations.

In recent years, digital media is leaning heavily towards richer content as opposed to simple static creatives. As a result of this, agencies have now started their own in-house production houses. What this means is that you can ideally get end-to-end creative solutions from just one agency itself.