Working At A Media Agency In 2017!

Growing up, I always thought media agencies or marketing agencies would be intimidating. As a child I remember watching these confident media woman who spoke without fear, fought for their ideas and knew their place in their surroundings. I always aspired to be like them and here I am. Compared to a particularly scholarly profession such as a doctor or lawyer, media is a field that is much more laid back and relaxed.

Although I do like to think that in media we incorporate both medicine and law. We might not literally heal the wounded, but we provide solace to the mind and can just as easily take it away. Law is something we battle on a daily basis. We defy, we bend and we create the law.

Zooming into the media profession, I am talking about advertising. Advertising seems so much fun when it pops on your TV and as a child you get the notion that advertising is for celebrities. Which is what attracted me to advertising like any other naïve 5 year old, and here I am today as an advertising professional.

Before I became one however, there were many mountains I had to pass, mountains called interviews. Every time I entered an advertising agency in Sydney I was left gaping at the creative and quirky interiors. Creative minds thrive in creative environments; that is the philosophy behind it. Whether true or not, I’m not one to complain as it makes anyone excited about working in such spaces.

Finally, after eyeing all the advertising agencies in Sydney, I finally managed to find my place in a black and yellow den of random weirdos like myself. As a first timer, I couldn’t have been more thankful for choosing advertising as a profession as the reception is warm and welcoming and accepting of your individual personality.


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