Is Creativity On Its Walk Of Death?

With the rise in marketing industry and is creativity slowly dying? Any marketing seminar or book these days talk about how the standards of creativity are declining and how brands are losing their magic. The main reason for this being financial pressures that taken down many creative strategies but the bigger threat comes from technology itself. With programmatic media buying and artificial intelligence slowly developing into our society, marketers have changed techniques and taken a turn on how they perform their jobs and thus putting creativity and imagination at risk.

Brands today are more data based rather than focusing on their creativity. The quality of the idea is of much less value now than the numbers that the ad must reach. It could be said that this is due to overuse of content. This means, if a brand is posting content every single day in order to reach the numbers more effectively it automatically lowers the bar in which you can be creative.

Compared to brands in the past, in which the ads created a memory, todays marketing have lost the magic touch. In today’s 1 out of 7 ads are memorable, whereas back in the day 5 out of 7 were most likely to turn into a childhood memory. Experts say that this is because todays marketers have lost the touch of storytelling. Is this a relevant problem in the creative agencies in Sydney? Are digital creative agencies in Sydney aware of this issue? Creativity is supressed under today’s corporate layouts.

However, with the death of creativity in one sector, does not mean the death in another. Away from creative agencies in Sydney, but still on the digital platform, a new type of content creator is letting hell loose with their uncontrolled creative influence on their work. Digital influencers of the new age such as Instagrammers and YouTubers are free to do their own thing, and are mostly being employed by digital creative agencies in Sydney due to their creative influence as well as followers.